Honda Hitlist

During the last few years Honda has been discontinuing many of the popular parts that are needed to restore many of the older Honda's. We have put together a list of recent discontinued parts along with the alternative part that we offer. Some parts we have had remade, some are aftermarket and some we still have a good stock. Check the list below to see if the parts you are looking for have been discontinued if so see if we offer a alternate part.

Order now before they are gone!!!!

Updated 10/24/2023

Recent Honda Part
Numbers Discontinued
Northeast Alternative
Part Numbers
11191-081-305        Gasket 06110-114-000R      Aftermarket gasket kit
11431-063-000        Cover 11431-063-000R      Reproduction cover
11651-035-010        Cover 11651-035-010        Still have good stock
12023-035-405        Intake Guide 12023-035-405        Still have good stock
12251-114-405        Gasket 06110-114-000R     Aftermarket gasket kit
12391-114-000        Gasket 06110-114-000R     Aftermarket gasket kit
13010-044-000        Ring Set Std. 13010-044-000        Still have good stock
13020-036-014        Ring Set 0.25 13020-036-014        Still have good stock
13020-087-023        Ring Set 0.25 13020-087-023        Still have good stock
13101-081-000        Piston Std. 06131-081-KIT        A/M Piston Kit Std.
13101-087-712        Piston Std. 13101-087-712        Still have good stock
13102-081-505        Piston 0.25 06132-081-KIT        A/M Piston Kit 0.25        
13102-087-712        Piston 0.25 13102-087-712        Low stock
13103-036-010        Piston 0.50 13103-036-010        A/M Piston Kit 0.50
13103-081-505        Piston 0.50 06133-081-KIT        A/M Piston Kit 0.50
13103-087-712        Piston 0.50 13103-087-712        Low stock
14711-036-000        Intake Valve 14711-036-000        Still have good stock
14721-036-010        Exhaust Valve 14721-036-010        Still have good stock
14721-089-000        Exhaust Valve 14721-089-000R      A/M exhaust valve
16010-114-305        Carb Gasket Kit 16010-114-305      Still have good stock
16011-045-004        Needle and Seat 16011-045-004R     Reproduction Part
16013-045-004        Carb Float 16013-045-004R    Reproduction Part
16013-051-004        Carb Float 16013-051-004R      Reproduction Float
16118-045-770        Carb Top Rubber 16118-045-770R     Reproduction Part
16211-045-306        Insulator 16211-045-306        Still have good stock
16954-045-005        Strainer 16954-045-005        Still have good stock
17221-098-010B     Air Filter Housing 17221-098-010B     Still have good stock
17252-045-300        Air Box Gasket 17252-045-300        Still have good stock
17500-098-030        Gas Tank 17500-098-030R      Aftermarket part
17670-045-670        Gas Tank Strap 17670-045-670        Still have good stock
18232-300-010        Exhaust Flange 18232-300-010        Still have good stock
18233-040-010        Exhaust Collar 18233-040-010        Still have good stock
18240-045-030        Headpipe lower guard 18240-045-030P        Low Stock
18240-045-670        Headpipe lower guard 18240-045-670R      Discontinued
18241-045-000        Headpipe upper guard 18241-045-000P        Low Stock
18271-098-672        Lower exhaust shield 18271-098-672        Still have good stock
18281-098-671        Lower exhaust shield 18281-098-671        Still have good stock
183A0-098-972        Black Muffler 183A0-098-972        Sold Out
18310-045-000        Muffler 18310-045-000R     Reproduction Muffler
18311-300-320        Diffuser 18311-300-320        Low Stock
18315-300-020        Exhaust Guard 18315-300-020R       Reproduction guard
18320-045-671        Headpipe 18320-045-671R        Low Stock
18361-098-672        Muffler Protector 18361-098-672        Low Stock
22331-041-000        Clutch Plate 22331-041-000        Still have good stock
24430-041-010        Stopper 24430-041-010        Still have good stock
24700-098-970        Shift Lever 24700-098-670R      Reproduction Lever
30202-063-004        Ignition Points 30202-063-004        Low Stock
30400-045-035        Ignition Coil 30400-045-000R      Aftermarket
30500-165-033        Ignition Coil 30500-165-033        Still have good stock
30530-126-921        Ignition Coil 30500-098-000R      Aftermarket Coil
33100-111-671        Headlight Unit 33100-111-671R      Aftermarket Headlight
33101-028-013        Headlight Rim 33101-028-013      Still have good stock
33101-045-003        Headlight Rim 33101-045-003        Still have good stock
33741-340-670        Reflector 33741-340-670R     Aftermarket
33744-045-670        Reflector Base 33744-045-670        Still have good stock
35112-098-670        Key Cap 35112-098-670        Still have good stock
38100-124-721        Horn 38100-124-721        Still have good stock
40510-098-000ZE   Chain Guard Red 40510-098-RED        Reproduction Guard
40510-098-000ZF   Chain Guard Blue 40510-098-BLUE      Reproduction Guard
40510-130-690B     Chain Guard 40510-130-690R      Reproduction Guard
42701-045-671ZA   Wheel Rim 42701-045-671ZA    Still have good stock
42701-152-712        Rear Rim 42701-118-013R      Aftermarket
42702-045-671ZA   Wheel Rim 42702-045-671ZA    Still have good stock
44301-074-000        Axle 42301-045-000R     Reproduction Part
43450-001-010        Brake Rod 43450-001-010     Still have good stock
43451-120-010        Brake Rod 43451-120-010     Still have good stock
45410-045-405        Brake Arm 45410-045-405R     Reproduction part
46500-130-690        Chrome Brake Pedal 46500-130-690        Still have good stock
46500-130-740        Black Brake Pedal 46500-130-740        Sold Out
50301-045-670        Bearing Race 50301-045-670R     Reproduction Part
50542-045-010        Side Stand Spring 50542-045-010        Still have good stock
51450-045-670        Lower Fork Leg 05145-045-670R        Reproduction Part
51460-045-670        Lower Fork Leg 05145-045-670R        Reproduction Part
53110-045-671        Right Handlebar 53100-045-SET       Aftermerket Bar Set
53110-130-690        Right Handlebar 53100-130-SET        Aftermarket Bar Set
53120-045-672        Left Handlebar 53100-045-SET        Aftermarket Bar Set
53120-130-690        Left Handlebar 53100-130-SET        Aftermarket Bar Set
53143-045-000        Nut Holder 53143-045-000        Still have good stock
53740-098-000        Handlebar Knob 53740-098-000        Use 53740-098-970
53740-098-970        Handlebar Knob 53740-098-970        Still have good stock
53741-120-000        Handlebar Knob 53741-120-000        Still have good stock
61100-098-970XW Front Fender 61100-098-970P     Aftermarket Part
61100-165-700        Front Fender 61100-165-700        Still have good stock
61100-165-000ZC   Front Fender 61100-181-RSET     Aftermarket Set
61100-165-000ZH   Front Fender 61100-181-RSET     Aftermarket Set
61100-300-040XW  Front Fender 61100-300-040XW    Sold Out
61100-341-700XW  Front Fender 61100-341-700XW    Sold Out
61301-056-672ZA    Headlight Shell 61301-056-672ZA     Still have good stock
77100-130-000A      Seat 77100-130-000R        Aftermarket
77100-181-406        Seat 77100-181-406R        Aftermarket
77200-300-030A     Seat 77200-300-030A        Sold Out
80100-098-670ZB   Rear Fender 80100-098-670ZB     Still have good stock
80100-165-790ZC   Rear Fender 80100-181-RSET      Aftermarket Set
80100-165-790ZH   Rear Fender 80100-181-RSET     Aftermarket Set
87121-045-000        Tank Badge 87121-045-SET2     Aftermarket Set
90157-001-000        Bolt 90157-001-000        Still have good stock
90305-098-670        Nut 90305-098-670        Still have good stock