Our customers have been asking if we have a page
to display their restoration projects...well here it is.
If you have some pictures or a story about your
restoration project just email it to us and I will post
it on the website

Below is a project by Terry Guidry
This is my childhood Honda Z50 Mini Trail that my Dad purchased for
me new in 1972 when I was 12 years old. Over the years, I outgrow
the bike. The Mini Trail was given away to a family in Duson LA. 45 years
have gone by and always wondered what happened to that Honda 50
Mini Trail. So, I tracked down the family it was given to and found the
Mini Trail laying on its side in tall grass were a barn once stood. With help
from a friend we worked our way on ant piles and grass to get to
the Mini Trail. Loaded it into the back of the pickup truck and brought it
back home.

Below is a project by Michael Hazard
It was a 4 year restoration project
Thanks to Northeast Vintage Cycle
for all their help in finding the parts

Below is a project by Dan Rigg of Valparaiso, IN
Thought you guys would like to see the progress.
Thanks for all your help and great service

Below is a project by Mark Ferguson
of Springville, NY The project started with
a local barn find After two years...I completed my
project.... Over the summer I won
"Best of Show" at a local bike night Thanks to Mike,
Bill and Ed from Northeast Vintage
Cycle for all your help bringing
this bike back to life

Below is project by Miguel Nelson
from Lake Stevens, Washington My project started with
a few basket cases. It became a nice project for the whole family.
We disassembled all the bikes and the engines.
After paint was completed we started the
process of reassembling the bikes. Many
thanks to Northeast Vintage Cycle for all
the parts and the time answering any questions I
had during this rebuild

Below is project by James Moore
from Midlothian, Texas It looks like he
has himself a very nice "Man Cave" Thank
you guys for all my parts

Below is a project by Tim Nash of
Virginia He purchased a set of white fenders from
us and said they went to a good home...Nice Job

Below is a project by Rich Lomnicki of New York
He purchased a reproduction Z50 gas tank
from us and did a nice custom
paint job... It looks just right for the 70's

Below is a project by
Greg Nichcols of Mansfield, Texas

Story of the bike:

4 - 1971 Sl70 KO’s and a MR50 were located in Idaho and a deal was struck. I bought one of the SL’s as shown with the arrow pointing it out. It was disassembled by my buddy before I talked him out of 1 of the 4. From boxes, parts were taken to the powder coaters and the blue parts were already at the painter. This marks my 1st total nut and bolt resto of any Honda, I contacted Hondnuts.com for the missing pieces. That was last fall, it was assembled in 3 weeks and runs strong! They had what I needed to complete the build. The parts are all quality and the guys are top notch. Fast shipping, great to work with.

Thanks for your help!

Nice Job!!!
Thanks for the pictures

Below is a project by
Dave Helm of St. Louis, Missouri
Its looks very nice!!!

Below is a project by Steve Sadrovitz
of Cooperburg, PA Many more pictures on our
Boss Minicycle page

Below is a project by Kent Carrie of
Gilbert, AZ A very rare Honda CY50 Called
the "Nauty Dax"

Below is a project by Bevin Shively of Saint Peters, MO
Hey guys. Just thought you might like to see the three bike you helped me restore. These were all mine, and my mom and dads when I was a kid. They came out fantastic. Better than new! Thank you SO much for all your help!

Below is a project by Kevin Treffeisen of Oneonta, NY
Kevin had this Z50 when he was growing up. Kevin wrote "It came out great and runs great too! I really appreciate all your help!"

Below is a project by Joe Klambauer of London, Ontario Canada
Kevin wrote "Mike… thanks for your help with parts for the two Qa50’s I have completed my projects. A friends father purchased these new in 1970! They are useable again! "

Below is a project by Dave Pigott of Draper, UT
Dave sent some before and after pics. He said "Lots of your parts on this bike"