What Honda do I have

We get many customers call looking for parts for the old Honda's...but many times they don't know what they have. This is a small blurb to help you ID what Honda model you have. If you click on parts by category it will show you a table with serial numbers...if you have your serial number that is a good way to
id your motorcycle.

Lets start with the Honda 50's

Honda made many Honda 50's CA100, CA100T, CA102, CA110, CRF50, MB5, MR50, NA50, NB50, NC50, NN50, NQ50, NS50, NU50, NX50, P50, PA50, PC50, QA50, SA50, SB50, TG50, XR50, Z50, Z50R, ZB50.

So when you call and say I need parts for a Honda 50 we need more info than that. We mostly stock parts for the QA50, Z50 and Z50R's.

QA50's had a push rod engine, two speed transmission and had 5" tires

All Z50's had 8" tires Z50K0, K1 and K2 had no rear shocks. Z50K0 had no lights, ivory grips and levers Z50K1 had lights, round tank emblems and a battery Z50K2 had oval tank emblems, rear foot brake pedal and no battery. Z50K3 to 1978 had rear shocks and lights. Z50R 1979 to 1987 had no lights and plastic red fenders. Z50R 1988 to 1999 rear fender and side plates are all one piece.

And now the Honda's 70's, Like the 50's Honda made many 70's C70, C70M, CL70, CT70, CT70H, SL70, XL70, XR70 We mostly stock parts for the CT70 and SL70.

CT70K0's :
The speedo was in the headlight bucket. The engine was a 3 speed automatic clutch. The H model used a 4 speed manual clutch. CT70K1 and up the speedo was separate from the headlight bucket.

SL70K0 :
No speedo. Gas tank emblems say Honda in blue. SL70K1 has a speedo. Gas tank decal is yellow