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Honda Mini Trail Enthusiast's Guide

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Honda Mini Trail Enthusiast's Guide 


The best-selling Honda ever, the long-running Honda Mini Trail, 
was available in a huge range of models, even within each model year.
The Honda Mini Trail Enthusiast's Guide covers all Honda Mini Trails
and Z50 bikes produced between 1968 and 1999.
Author Jeremy Polson begins with a brief introduction
of the models that led up to the Mini Trail,
and then jumps into a thorough analysis of the many models
and iterations that Honda has offered through the years.

Despite the worldwide popularity of Honda's best-selling model,
no other Mini Trail book had been published,
and the accuracy of information found on the Internet is suspect at best.
For Z50 collectors and enthusiasts, this book presents facts
and figures found nowhere else.

In addition to the hard facts regarding each model of each year,
this book is filled with many rare photos that track the evolution
of the Mini Trail, and unravel its mystery.

Paperback:  144 Pages



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