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Rivet Kickstand Repair Honda Minitrail Z50K0-78 QA50

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Item #: 50530-RIVET

Replacement Rivet
Kickstand Repair

Honda did not sell the kickstand
or the mounting rivet as a spearate part
If your kickstand is broken off
you can use this rivet to install
the kickstand to the footpeg bar
Rivet needs to be welded in place

Correct for the following models
Honda Z50K0-1978
QA50 All


Customer Reviews

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Richard Meyer
Great fitting kickstand and shouldered pivot pin.

After some minor dremel work to fit the pivot pin, I drilled and tapped the shouldered pin 8-32. With a washer and a flat head screw from back side of the footpeg assembly, I was able to pull all up tight. Did that instead of welding so I could lube the pivot. Looks stock Honda.